Safe Haven Ibogaine Reviews

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Provider states: “Safe Haven Ibogaine Treatment Spa and Resort is a drug treatment facility located in Rosarito Beach Mexico less than 40 miles south of San Diego California. At Safe Haven, our success is your freedom; we are totally focused on helping you free yourself from the chains that are needlessly keeping you from a wonderful life. Our treatment protocol with Ibogaine was created and structured from the beginning with an eye on the end result, an organization and facility dedicated to the safe and effective administration of the most exciting breakthrough in addiction and behavior modification to have occurred in our lifetimes, namely Ibogaine. Our Board Certified Doctors and staff have over 15 years combined experience and have administered over 1,800 ibogaine treatments. No other treatment facility offers the environment, facility, staff, amenities, or knowledge of Ibogaine like Safe Haven. Treatment cost is $5000+ (depending on treatment package).”