Anwar Jeewa – The Role Of Ibogaine In The Treatment Of Substance Abuse

It has become increasingly difficult to assist an individual to maintain long term recovery from substance abuse. Irrespective of which treatment centre the individual has been to, none guarantees a successful recovery. This is frustrating to individuals, their families and also service providers. The reason for this trend is not absolutely clear. Many treatment centres are rigid in use of their programs and depend on aftercare to improve ...

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Clare S. Wilkins – A Novel Approach To Detoxification From Methadone With Ibogaine

The African psychoactive alkaloid Ibogaine, Schedule 1 in the USA, researched for substance use since the 1950’s, has demonstrated effectiveness in reversing tolerance & craving for opioids, stimulants & alcohol. Risks & fatalities are involved, due to the demographic, screening, inducing bradycardia, prolonging the QT interval & blocking the Potassium hERG channel, further complicated by opioid maintenance medications & psychiatric drugs. Almost all ibogaine centres, rapidly increasing ...

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Dana Beal – Nerve Growth Factor GDNF Elucidates Ibogaine’s Persistence & Immune Modulatory Effects

Ibogaine shares receptor effects with both Salvia divinorum (κ-opiate down-regulation of tolerance via beta-arrestin) and with ketamine (NMDA antagonism, curbing narcotic withdrawal and super-sensitization to stimulants). Additionally, ibogaine induces the nerve growth factor GDNF (Glia-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), re-sprouting chronically desensitised dopamine receptors and replacing the neural deficit experienced as craving. Moreover, the 10-fold GDNF spike engendered by ibogaine back-signals to cell nuclei to make more GDNF, setting ...

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