Million ijuana NYC 2007 Ibogaine and the Drug War

This is a video from New York City 5th 2007. The Global ijauna to legalize drugs and focus on treatment instead of prison for addicts. Also of great concern is to get the fascist.

us marching.

Things got hairy with the cops..

The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, the Seattle Hemp Fest, Million ijuana and many other events worldwide. Lagalize!

MYEBOGA DISCLAIMER: The content of this post & views expressed ...

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How Ibogaine Works in the Brain | Dr. Martin Polanco | Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment

Dr. Martin Polanco and Deanne Adamsom talk about how Ibogaine works. And, also the benefits of Ibogaine in helping addicts release shame and other advantages.

Ibogaine works in the brain by resetting the neurotransmitters and helping to end the withdrawal that heroin and other opiate addicts experience. Ibogaine helps on another level to help re-contextualize memories and past traumas and help the user find insight and ...

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