$22 Million Joint Venture To Purse Neurochemical Reset For Addiction

A joint venture has been set up by ATAI Life Sciences and DemeRX to develop a one and done treatment that will work to give people suffering from addiction a neurochemical reset of sorts using a drug derived from a Western African plant. 

The $22 million investment from ATAI will develop the drug ibogaine which is derived from the iboga plant that has previously been sold as a stimulant and ...

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A solution for addiction is being held from us by the government

Those of you have been listening to the show for any amount of time are probably very familiar with our friend NJ Weedman a.k.a. Ed Forchion. Ed is a staunch advocate of the legalization of marijuana and a brilliant guy who has made it his cause célèbre to tell the truth about marijuana especially as it pertains to our flawed justice system. Today, we were discussing free Narcan day a program in New Jersey ...

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Lakshmi Narayan – Ibogaine Documentary

Lakshmi Narayan is developing a documentary about Ibogaine as a tool against opioid addiction. This ancient, psychedelic plant medicine initiates a classic inner journey which profoundly transforms the person. Lakshmi explains what it’s like for an addict to embark on that journey. She also discusses the film-making process, her own experience with the Iboga plant, and why this message is so important today.


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