Virtual Molecular Masterclass Explores Therapeutic Potential and Medicalization of Ibogaine


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Toronto, Jan 13, 2021 ( – Microdose Psychedelic Insights, along with Universal Ibogaine, and The Conscious Fund, present The Ibogaine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass, a two-day virtual conference. The online conference will take place on 19th – 20th February 2021.  

The conference will bring together over 50 of the leading researchers in the therapeutic use of Ibogaine, a powerful psychedelic plant medicine showing ...

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$22 Million Joint Venture To Purse Neurochemical Reset For Addiction


A joint venture has been set up by ATAI Life Sciences and DemeRX to develop a one and done treatment that will work to give people suffering from addiction a neurochemical reset of sorts using a drug derived from a Western African plant. 

The $22 million investment from ATAI will develop the drug ibogaine which is derived from the iboga plant that has previously been sold as a stimulant ...

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Ibogaine Treatment and the Opioid Crisis: Past, Present, and Future

Ibogaine Treatment and the Opioid Crisis: Past, Present, and Future
Thomas Kingsley Brown, Ph.D.

The Sleeping Octopus Assembly on Psychedelics (SOAP) is an intimate conference that explored the role of psychedelics in science, medicine, policy, and culture, which took place at a historic mansion in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from July 13-15, 2018.

This conference featured presentations from key figures in the psychedelic research and policy community, a psychedelic-themed comedy show, ...

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Panel: Insights from Contemporary Ibogaine Addiction Research w/ Noller & Brown

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Geoff Noller, PhD, and Thomas Kingsley Brown, PhD
moderated by Clare Wilkins
Insights from Contemporary
Ibogaine Research for Addiction

2017 Psychedelic Science Conference
A six-day global gathering of the international scientific community in Oakland, California to explore new research into the benefits and risks of MDMA, LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca, ketamine, ibogaine, medical marijuana, and more.


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