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Universal Ibogaine Retains Westmount Park Investments for Corporate Financial Advisory Services


VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 15, 2020 /CNW/ – Universal Ibogaine Inc. (“Universal Ibogaine”) is excited to announce it has entered a strategic agreement with Westmount Park Investments (“Westmount“) to receive capital markets and corporate finance advice on an ongoing basis.

Universal Ibogaine is a Vancouver based company which aims to build a global network of holistic ibogaine-assisted addiction treatment clinics, operating under the brand Clear Sky Recovery, utilizing a proprietary Ibogaine assisted ...

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Ibogaine: Cure For A Crisis

This documentary seeks to inform the public about how ibogaine can be used to help fight the opioid crisis that is plaguing North America.

In simple terms, ibogaine is an extremely fast-acting, plant based, naturally-occurring substance, which alleviates withdrawal symptoms and interrupts the process of active addiction. Ibogaine provides a gentle, painless, and very rapid detox from opioids such a heroin, methadone, OxyContin, Suboxone & Subutex; stimulants like ...

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