Dr Ben Malcolm – Ibogaine for Opiate Addiction Research Update

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Download   In this 94th episode of Psychedelics Today, host Joe Moore interviews Dr. Benjamin Malcolm, professor of pharmacy at the Western University School of Pharmacy. The discussion revolves around ibogaine, alkaloids, and addiction therapy solutions.  
Show Notes:

Dr. Benjamin Malcolm discusses psychedelic alkaloids that have potential to treat addictions.

When conducting human subjects research, it’s a good idea to at least    run it past an IRB.

There are ...

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The Case for Ibogaine | Thomas Kingsley Brown | TEDxVeniceBeach

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Tom Brown discuss the potential benefits of ibogaine, an African shrub that is being used to treat opioid addiction. Recently, Tom worked on a study to find how effective ibogaine treatment was for opioid addiction. This study showed that ibogaine is effective for detoxing, reducing opioid use, and providing long-term improvement in social and family status. The steady and rapid growth of ibogaine treatment could change the ...

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