Press Conference: “Ibogaine For Afghanistan” Dana Beal & Immortal Technique

On September 3, 2014, 11AM on the New York City Hall steps, a number of prominent national and local activist gathered to petition Mayor DeBlasio for a clinical trail of Ibogaine, a natural substance drawn from an African tropical rainforest plant that can arrest the withdrawal and craving for a broad spectrum of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, alcohol, meth, nicotine and more. Original Yippie! and harm ...

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As part of the continuing growth of ibogaine related services MYEBOGA is seeking the names of those who have undergone full (flood) dose ibogaine / iboga treatment and have some form of suitable experience / qualification to assist others, via SKYPE, phone etc, who are seeking aftercare counselling and support.

If you feel you are a suitable candidate please forward your details and location via the MYEBOGA.COM contact form.

Most ...

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Iboga Analysis Project ICEERS

We would like to ask ibogaine treatment providers and people who have purchased an iboga product to send a small sample (25mg-100mg) to us for analysis.

When you do so, please provide the following information if possible:
– Type of material (root bark, iboga extract, HCL)
– Source (e.g. company name, online vendor, country, etc.)
– The purity you believe the product has (e.g. 85% Ibogaine)
– In case you have worked with, or taken the material, information about any ...

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