Ibogaine Can be Deadly!!!

Extract from the ibogaine list 10th March 2011:

“News from the US is that another Ibogaine patient, has lost his life at a
clinic in Tepoztlan Mexico this past weekend. Details surrounding the death
are sketchy but the patient was a 40 year old male. He leaves his family in
San Diego.

The week before that a 25 year old male was declared brain dead after a dose
of Ibogaine had been administered by his mother. The patient stoped ...

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Howard Lotsof Discover of Ibogaine’s Anti-Dependence Properties Passes Away

On Sunday 31st January at 6pm New York time  Howard Lotsof, discoverer of ibogaine’s anti-dependence properties and tireless campaigner for the rights of chemically dependent people, passed on quietly in Staten Island University Hospital. His wife & best friend, Norma, was by his side.

We all extend out sympathies to Norma and to those who will miss him dearly. He was an inspiration to many and embodied his own belief in service as a ...

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