Breaking Convention, London July,12-14

Breaking Convention is a biennial conference on psychedelic consciousness, the only one of its kind operating in Britain, convened by a non-profit organization of the same name. Breaking Convention 2013 will be held at the University of Greenwich on July 12-14 and will feature ten symposia of invited speakers and a track dedicated to talks from submitted abstracts, as well as galleries, exhibitions, films and evening entertainments.

ICEERS is sponsor ...

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Psychedelic Science 2013

Psychedelic Science Conference

At Psychedelic Science 2013, over 100 of the world’s leading researchers from 13 countries will present recent findings on the benefits and risks of LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, ayahuasca, ibogaine, 2C-B, ketamine, marijuana, and more, over three days of conference presentations, and two days of pre- and post-conference workshops.


Wednesday Night • Thursday • Friday • Saturday • Sunday • Monday


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3rd International Ibogaine Provider’s Conference Vancouver 2012 Report

3rd International Ibogaine Provider’s Conference Vancouver 2012 Report

Between October 2nd and 6th, The Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance (GITA), hosted its 3rd international conference on iboga and ibogaine research and practice in Vancouver, Canada. This event consisted of 4 days of private meetings for GITA members and one day of public presentations. In addition, several GITA members offered a two-day post-conference training module (October 8th to 9th), the first of its kind, attended by ...

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Rick Doblin, Ph.D. Shares his Ibogaine Experience

Rick Doblin, Ph.D. Founder of psychedelic research group MAPS, talks about his experience with Ibogaine and LSD, in order to confront his own shadows and be more effective as a political activist.

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Also featuring Alan Steinfeld who assisted in the interviewing of Rick.
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3rd International Ibogaine Provider’s Conference in Vancouver October 2-6th, 2012

Vancouver 2012
Between October 2-6th, 2012, GITA will hold it’s 3rd international gathering of Ibogaine providers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The conference will have three main components, the first being a closed session for GITA members and those who wish to become members who are working with ibogaine, to discuss major issues in production, research, policy, and global organizing (October 2-5); the second being a panel discussion followed by a documentary screening open to ...

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