Iboga Tree Healing House Reviews

Ibogaine Treatment Spain. Provider states: “Our number one priority is safety. Very few ibogaine providers operate in a truly medicalised setting. In contrast, at Iboga Tree Healing House, we have a fully qualified in-house medical doctor and fully qualified nurses. All our medical team are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified. Our screening and exclusion criteria ensure that only those deemed healthy enough for ibogaine go forward for treatment. In addition, our clients ...

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New Life Ayahuasca Reviews

Provider states: “Iboga is a psychedelic derived from the root of the Tabernathe Iboga shrub. It is used as a sacrament by practitioners of Bwiti, a spiritual tradition originating in West Africa. Iboga is used as a rite of passage into adult hood and for communication with ancestors. Iboga, or more specifically, the derivative ibogaine, has more recently been praised for its ability to alleviate withdrawal symptoms from opiates and healing of the ...

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Metamorphogenesis Reviews

Provider States: “We are facilitators of entheogenic and psychedelic experiences with a view to transmuting and healing childhood trauma; treatment resistant depression; end of life anxiety; PTSD; stuttering; stammering and cluster headaches. People suffering from obesity, gender dysphoria, suicidal tendencies and low self esteem are particularly welcome. We can assist you in your spiritual growth, mindfulness, self awareness, mind hacking and self improvement.”

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Anzelmo Reviews

Provider states: “Unlike other Ibogaine clinics, we do not provide a “cookie cutter” solution. We look at your unique situation, and develop the most comprehensive program, respectful of your time and your resources. Choose between our 5, 7, or 10 day iboga treatments. We tailor them to you, and guide you in every way possible to understand the ins and outs of the process.”

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Sister Eboga Reviews

Provider states: “Im a RN with over 30 yrs experience in the ICU/ER. Ive been working with ibogaine since 2011 after my own Ibogaine experience in 2009. Being an RN I can’t help but take a medical approach to this wonderful treatment yet not ignoring the spiritual aspects the plant can provide. For assistance pls email me and we can explore what Ibogaine may have to offer you.”

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