MedicoMente Reviews

Provider states: ““MedicoMente” – medical center for modern addictology, which uses a comprehensive approach of treating patients with various types of chemical and mental addiction, mental and behavioral disorders, rehabilitation treatment and psychological support, along with others unique techniques. We are not operate only as the Ibogaine Clinic, bat, we very actively use Ibogaine Therapy in owe medical practice. International Protocols, Modern Treatment Methods, Original Certified Medications, This is the Basis of Our ...

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Lee Albert Reviews

Provider States: “As a spiritual integration counsellor who practises personalised nutrition from a functional medicine perspective, I offer an optional personalised nutritional protocol with followup (2 1/2hrs) as part of an overall integration package (previous tests requested). My background includes professional training with CNM (UK) in nutritional therapy and naturopathy, BANT (UK) membership, certification in emotional release counselling and, a broad range of therapeutic & life experiences detailed in the attached flyer, including ...

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Lindsay Slater Reviews

Provider states: “An alternative to the traditional sober living transition model, Holistic House employs natural herbs, clean, organic, orthomolecular nutrition, vitamins, reiki, daily practice of yoga and meditation and other natural modalities to aid addicts with a healthy transition phase between detox and return to daily life at home. We incorporate varying daily health-promoting activities to help heal the recovering addict’s body from the toxic effects of an addicted lifestyle and form new ...

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Being True To You Reviews

Provider States: “Being True to You’s Addiction Recovery Coaching Program is a revolutionary approach to facing addiction that is based on “transformational recovery.” This model focuses on the opportunity of recovery more than the “disease” and problem of addiction. Our program is designed to be fun, activating, motivating, life-changing, practical, and customizable. Through personal transformation a person CAN naturally mature out of their addiction and achieve success far beyond sobriety, on their own ...

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New Life Foundation Reviews

Provider states: “New Life Foundation is a nonprofit therapeutic and practice centre in northern Thailand. We offer a supportive learning space for individuals looking for help with stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, or addiction. In addition to core daily practices of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, our program offers one-on-one counselling and group workshops based on various modalities, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), trauma release exercises (TRE), Enneagram, mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP), mindfulness-based cognitive ...

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